How having meal with family helps

How much percentage/ average of families that are still giving value to gather and eat together every meal?

We live in a computer world in which everything made easy but busy at the same time. Parents tend to be strangers to their children and vice versa. Although a digital world nowadays is appreciated as it is a big help to everyone, maintaining close family relationship can be very tricky.

Let me tell you a short story.

I had a very well-loved pet, a dog, named Roosegear. She has been part of the family and used to be my bestfriend for 10yrs. There was this incident that my father was very frustrated with her (roosegear) that pushed him to give away my bestfriend without my knowledge. I didnt know that Roosegear was not with us anymore since I was studying in college by then and I was renting a unit/house in the city, away from our own. I can return back at home just once a month due to school activities and thesis work. When I knew what happened, I cried a river, got mad at my father, and immediately went back to my apartment without a word. My mom requested me to go home every weekends to spend time with them after my final exams and thesis work. Since I was still mad at my father, and everyone is busy with their own stuff, I wasnt able to talk to anyone especially my father.

Our family gives value to the practice of eating together in every meal. That was when I was given a chance to talk wholeheartedly to my father when he opened up the topic about Roosegear. I was given a chance to let him know how I got frustrated and sad.

Roosegear saved our lives, my life, a couple of times and I cant afford to lose her. It feels like there’s a half of me that was lost, and the other half was broken. Everything fell into pieces when I lost my dog, my bestfriend, a well-loved member of the family (im still mourning the loss even after

My father felt very sorry and he did explain himself. Since we cannot have roosegear back and everything that had happened, my father and I reconciled. I cant bear as well to see my father everyday, suffering from pain because Im not forgiving him.

This is only one of the examples that eating together can do. When we do our stuff, busy with work, studies, or appointments, we still need to give time to share the meal together with our families and to talk about things like what’s going on with our studies, work, or anything that you feel perhaps. It’s true that we can talk to everyone in anytime that we want but I believe in what they say that a family who eats, talks, and prays together- stays forever. It strengthen the bond within the family. A little effort to have a meal with your family can create a huge difference. Afterall, giving value to a family relationship is everyone’s responsibility.

Can you still remember the last time you spent eating with your family?