The Voice

Why did i bother to create my own blogsite? Despite of the very busy schedule, why bother to create something that will consume my time? Its simply because I want to speak my thoughts. Whenever you want to say something, vent out and shout your cries, you cant expect everybody to be there all the time, to patiently listen and even understand everything that you have to say. Each of us has his own bestfriend, trusted friend, and most of all, a family that we might consider as the “people we can rely on”. They are the people that first cross our minds when things bother or delighted us. However, in this modern world where we face different issues, will it be personal or issues within the government where we belong, that would need different POV from different people, we need to empower ourselves and have a greater confidence to be heard. This is especially for views that involve you in making a difference. People forget one thing that they already have which can be a greater weapon, and that is YOUR VOICE.

when we speak, we speak responsibly. Like any other things on Earth, it will depend on how you use it. If a person speaks by heart, by conscience and will always rely by facts, he’s making a difference. Unknowingly and by simple ways, our voices can empower, inspire and teach others. Hope everyone will take care and use it well.  😉

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